Mayamex says, “Thank you for your patience, We Are Back!”

It’s been very difficult for everyone; nonetheless, things have improved lately and we are ready to continue.

Please make your reservations online and ahead of time!

IMPORTANT MESSAGE:  As stated before, Mayamex is a Small Company and our transportation is rented.  Therefore, in order to make our tours possible, we need to have a minimum and a maximum number of reservation to cover that cost! In case of not having enough reservations, we will refer you with one of our sisters companies and we will do our best to have them respect our prices.   Another Option:   You could take a different tour by just paying the difference, if it costs more! Or we will give you the difference if it costs less!  And at Last But Not Least: You will get your refund, if you are not pleased with any of the options given…Moreover: In order to make a reservation, some tours or activities require a minimum payment, but others require a total payment.  If make a partial payment, you will clear the difference in the day you are taking the experience.

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