Pleasure Yatch (Yelus)


Each Yacht has a Captain and a Marine, but if food needs to be prepped, will have 2 Marines.

Length: 46 feet Yacht

Capacity: 16 People

Pier Fee: N/A

Price Per Hour: $7,500 MXN (Minimum 4 Hours)

Includes: Ice, Water, Life Vest, Snorkel Equipment, Towel, Disposables (plates, cups, forks, spoons, napkins), Kitchen Utensils for food preparation.
*Cannot cook hot food in the kitchen for security reasons, but have an oven and can warm up food.  
* You need to bring anything needed, e.g. Food and Drinks…  If desired, you can state what drinks or food (cold) you want to be prepped and pay extra to cover the cost.
* The staff will do their best for you to have a pleasant trip; cook, prep your drinks, serve you… You may want to consider tipping them for their payment is very low!  The most common food they prep is salad and Ceviche.


Day 1 :

Only in certain areas of Bahia de Banderas. If want to go the farthest end of it, 4 hour are not enough, it has to be discussed...

  • You may want to bring your own music in a USB
  • Bathing Suit

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Pleasure Yatch (Yelus)